Troop 116

Packing list: Summer Camp


  • BSA Medical Forms (They literally will not let you into camp without these, and they keep them, so send us with a copy.)
  • Copy of family health insurance card
  • Scout Book in Zip-Loc bag
  • Emergency contact info (all phone #s and emails for all parents/guardians)
  • An extra prescription for any personal medications
  • List of medications (and instructions) and any maladies

The Ten Essentials

Other personal gear


Remember: COTTON KILLS! All clothing should be polyester or wool (that includes socks and underwear). No jeans. No cotton T-shirts. No cotton socks or undies.



  • NOTHING that has a screen and/or that needs batteries or recharging
  • Exceptions: Headlamp, camera, tiny fan for tent, cellphone (with the following restrictions)
  • You may ONLY use a phone as a camera, watch, and alarm—and for TRUE emergencies.
  • If they weren’t the defacto cameras these days, cellphones would be forbidden.
  • If you are caught using any app other than the camera or clock/alarm, it will be confiscated.
  • This includes texting, calling, and all social media.
  • This includes contacting your parents and vice-versa.
  • Parents: If you need to contact your kids for something important, call an adult leader. This rule truly is for the safety and wellbeing of your child.

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