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Seven Survival Priorities

The 7 priorities of wilderness survival

Follow these seven steps—in order—and you greatly increase your chances to surviving in the wilderness or the backcountry if things go wrong (if you get lost, or someone gets injured, or the weather takes a nasty turn).

The two biggest killers in the great outdoors are poor planning and panic. Most people don't die in the wilderness because of the wilderness itself (the wild elements, injuries, rogue grizzly bears, etc.).

Most people die because of the mistakes they made when confronted with just such a survival situation.

Here is how to avoid making mistakes, the seven rules for survival courtesy of the U.S. Air Force (though we subtitute the more comprehensive "STOP" for "Positive Mental Attitude"):

  1. STOP (Stop; Think; Observe; Plan)

  2. Provide First Aid

  3. Seek shelter

  4. Build a fire

  5. Signal for help

  6. Drink water

  7. Food: Don't worry about it

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Note: The first aid and survival tips provided on this site are informational only. Please seek advice from a medical professional or trained wilderness first aid expert for current best practices and techniques.