Troop 116
Things to pack: from a 1911 Boy Scout Handbook

Packing lists

Below are packing lists for various kinds of standard troop trips. Note that these lists might be supplemented with specialty gear for some trips. (No, you don't need to bring the items pictured above, which come from an 1911 edition of the Boy Scout Handbook.)

Note that most of the following lists should print out onto a single page, so you have no excuse to to be properly packed.

Cotton kills

All clothing on camping trips should be polyester or wool.

  • No jeans.
  • No cotton T-shirts.
  • No cotton socks
  • No cotton undies.

(Once cotton gets wet—from rain, water sports, or even just sweating—it sucks heat away from the body, which can lead to hypothermia and other life-threatening conditions.)

Personal gear

Troop gear

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