Troop 116

Packing list: Summer trip


  • Passport (if you have one). If not, Photo ID (driver's, school)
  • If no passport, copy of Birth Certificate
  • Letter of consent from parents
    • We need this form filled out even if you have a passport (unless your parent(s) is/are on the trip).
    • Download/fill it out here
    • We will fill out the “Information about accompanying person” section. (For the record, it will be: Reid Bramblett, Scoutmaster.)
    • For the “Contact information during trip” section, the “Destination(s)” is Canada, and the Travel Dates are July 11–13, and we can just leave the rest blank. (The range of dates gives us wiggle room to adjust the itinerary.)
    • It doesn’t say this anywhere on the form, but new Canadian regulations state that we will also need photocopies of the signature page(s) of the parent(s) passport(s) (if they have one).
  • Emergency contact info (all phone #s and emails for all parents/guardians)
  • BSA Medical Forms
  • Copy of family health insurance card
  • An extra prescription for any personal medications
  • List of medications (and instructions) and any maladies

The Ten Essentials

Other personal gear

  • Backpack
  • Day pack (tiny)
  • Sleeping bag (in a waterproof stuff sack)
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • Contractor trash bags (3)
  • Ziplock bags (6)
  • 50 feet of thin rope
  • Pencil and paper
  • Whistle and mirror/CD (for signaling)
  • Cup
  • Bowl/plate
  • Spoon or spork
  • Bandana (this can be cotton)
  • Small camp towel
  • Personal toilet paper (in zip lock bag)
  • Tooth brush & toothpaste
  • Gold Bond (for feet and, well, useful if you choose not to wear underwear)
  • Personal medication
  • Camp soap (biodegradable liquid)
  • Insect repellent


Remember: COTTON KILLS! All clothing should be polyester or wool (that includes socks and underwear). No jeans. No cotton T-shirts. No cotton socks or undies.

  • 2 pair zip-offs OR Long Pants (1 pair) + Shorts (2 pair)
  • Short sleeve shirt (3)
  • Long sleeve shirt (1)
  • Nice shirt (1)
  • Scout shirt (1)—Class B for Crew
  • Underwear (2-3 pair; optional)
  • Socks (3-4 pairs)
  • Thin fleece or sweater
  • Skull cap (Tuke)
  • Brimmed hat (all-around brim, for sun protection)
  • Rain Jacket (waterproof)
  • Hiking Boots (waterproofed)
  • Hiking sandals


  • Rain pants
  • Hiking poles (optional)
  • Camera
  • Book (highly recommended)
  • Cellphone (but you CANNOT use it to call, text, play games, or use Internet; it is for emergencies only—or as a camera)
  • Deodorant

The troop will supply...
  • Tents
  • Cook stoves
  • Water filters (though carrying purifying tablets is wise)
  • First aid kits (though carry a small personal kit plus any personal meds)
  • Specialty gear
  • Most food (a snack or two of your own is always a good idea).

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