Troop 116
The Original Troop 116 Facebook Page

"The Original Troop 116" Facebook Page

Yes, the troop has a Facebook group page. No, it is not for active members. It is for adult leaders and former troop members over 18 only.

There is a reason for this.

Troop 116 takes youth protection very seriously. Every boy in the troop (and girl in the venture crew under 18) is a minor. We feel it is inappropriate—at least in our role as members of Troop 116 either:

  1. For adults to become Facebook "friends" with minors who are not family members.
  2. To disseminate photographs of minors over the Internet (we do use the Facebook page to share old pics of the troop, but these are of former members who are now over 18).

If you are an adult who is now or ever was affiliated with Troop 116, we are more than happy to have you join the group:

All you current boys and girls in the troop and crew, it will be our honor and privilege to have you join the Facebook group... just as soon as you turn 18.

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